When Culture Abandons Reason (and Faith) | Crisis Magazine

For reasons that are both unfathomable as well as perplexing, the vast majority of young Canadians are champions of Barack Obama. I was informed that when a certain teacher asked her students who preferred Obama to Romney, all hands shot up. The entire class expressed unhesitating enthusiasm for the now re-elected President. Yet, no student, when asked, could give a single reason for holding the President in such high esteem. This phenomenon offers a good example of acculturation, people being influenced more by culture than by reason.

This anecdote reminded me of an incident that took place many years ago when I was a mere lad of seven. I was seated in a movie theater along with many others who were approximately my age. The Newsreel came on and portrayed presidential candidates Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Thomas E. Dewey. The latter was met with shouts of disapproval loud enough to drown out whatever the Governor of New York State was saying. I was mystified. How did it come about that these striplings, still wet behind the ears, were so fiercely united in their opposition to Dewey? Was I missing something? Why was I so far out of the loop? What was going on?

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