ZENIT – Two Hundred Million Christians Under Threat

By Father John Flynn, LCROME, NOV. 23, 2012 (Zenit.org).- More Christians are under threat than any other faith group, some two hundred million, according to a recent book published by journalist Rupert Shortt.

Shortt, the religious editor of the Times Literary Supplement and author of several books on religious topics, recently published his latest book, “Cristianophobia,” (Random House).

Well before the September 11 attacks, many Christian communities were faced with severe problems of intolerance, he noted in the book’s introduction, and in the last decade the problem has worsened dramatically.

“This ought to be a major foreign policy issue for governments across a vast belt of the world,” he stated.

Shortt highlighted the many difficulties faced by Christians in a large number of Muslim-majority countries. Those who convert to Christianity in such countries face harsh penalties and there is also a risk that Christian churches will vanish from their biblical heartlands in the Middle East, he observed.

He cited a 2008 survey carried out by Freedom House which demonstrates that while some religiously free Muslim countries do exist, such as Senegal, they are the exception.

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